Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How fast can you buy my house?

Answer: We can put your house under contract very quickly, and can often close in as little as two weeks. Our goal is to tailor an offer that works for your situation. If speed is of the essence, we have the experience and resources to make it happen.

Question: I owe the banks more than my house is worth - are you still interested in buying it?

Answer: Yes, due to the tremendous drop in Southern California real estate values, a large percentage of houses - just like yours, have mortgages which are now far greater than the actual value in today's market. HomeBuyers LA can buy your house for less than what is currently owed - subject to approval of the banks or mortgage holders. This is known as a "short sale".

Question: Can you buy my house if it's in foreclosure?

Answer: Yes, but when a home is in foreclosure, there a limited amount of time we have to work within. The California foreclosure process has a specific legal schedule which dictates the period of time a bank must allow you - the homeowner to "cure" the default declared on the loan. It will be important to contact us quickly and clearly let us know you are currently in foreclosure or expect to be in the near future.

To proceed directly to our property information sheet & contact us now . . click here.

To learn more about the foreclosure process in California click here to read about "Homeowner's Rights in California Foreclosures".

How do I know HomeBuyers LA is reliable?

Answer: The founders and driving force behind HomeBuyers LA have been successfully working with homeowners in difficult situations and buying properties throughout the United States for well over 20 years. It is worth noting that although we have forged a nationally diverse track record, the past 14 years have been centered right here in Southern California where we are known for our expertise, our sense of fair treatment & creativity in working with homeowners just like you, needing to sell their properties under difficult circumstances.

How can I get the best possible price from HomeBuyers LA?

Answer: You can help us craft an offer of our best possible price by giving us as much information about your circumstance, your needs and the condition of the home as possible. When we understand the situation, we have less reason to be cautious in our offer - and are more encouraged to offer you the best price and the best terms we can.

Bear in mind: we always handle your private information with care
& d
o not sell, share or divulge it.

To tailor the best offer we can for you we will need to understand things like:

  • What are your needs in selling the property? In other words, do you just need to get out from under the burden of the mortgage? Do you have equity? Do you need cash immediately? Are you looking to minimize the income taxes from the sale?

  • What is the true condition of the house? Almost all houses need work of some kind. Some need a little, some need an enormous amount. We work with both. The better we understand the true condition of the house and the repairs we will need to make, the more confidently we can make you the best one we can.

  • What loans, mortgages or home equity lines of credit exist for the property? We need to be aware of any creditors who may have liens or have used the property as collateral. We need to know about any judgments, mechanic's liens, foreclosure actions or other claims to title.

The more information we have about the specifics of your situation, the better our offer.
(I'll bet you could have guessed that this is our most requested question & answer)?

What if my house needs repair or has code problems?

Answer: Almost all houses need work of some kind. Some need a little, some need an enormous amount. We work with both. The better we understand the true condition of the house and the repairs we will need to make, the more confidently we can make you the best offer we can.

Often a house has "code problems or issues". Additions or modifications that make the house difficult or impossible to sell. Houses with code issues won't qualify for most conventional loans, and therefore very difficult to sell in their present condition. Is your house one of these? HomeBuyers LA is still interested in making you an offer. We are experienced in working with code issues, have non-conventional funding already in place and are able to complete the transaction where most others cannot.

What kind of information do you need to make me an offer?

Answer: Just basic information about the situation and the house. We do not need personal information (ss numbers, credit report, work history). Only contact information, so we can communicate with you and basic information about the property, its condition and outstanding loans. We will need to see your property and understand what your circumstance and needs are in selling the home. The better we understand what you need, the better we are able to tailor an offer that works for everyone.

Question: How can I contact HomeBuyers LA directly?

Answer: If you need to reach us directly, you may email us at: Info@HomeBuyersLA.Com.

Please complete and submit the information form on our Request Offer page prior to contacting us. Click here to go there now.

If your need is urgent, you may call us directly at: 310-714-7288.
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