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We are ready to move quickly and can usually handle any size of transaction. WE BUY HOUSES & WANT TO MAKE YOU AN OFFER!

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We are asking for a lot of information in this area. The reason is simple. If we are working with you in regard to a property, it is essential that we understand your situation completely. If we don't have the answer to an important question about your house, we can't offer you the best price. Don't worry, we will always carefully respect and protect your privacy.
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We always respect and protect your privacy.

Are you needing to sell your Southern California property?

Are you:

  • Fed up with bad tenants?

  • Behind in your mortgage payments?

  • Facing foreclosure?

  • Can't sell with a Real Estate Agent?

  • House needs fixing?

  • Going through divorce?

  • Stuck in probate

  • No equity in house?

  • Mortgage more than house value?

  • Want to avoid Realtor fees?

HomeBuyersLA is your answer!
We have been buying homes and working with homeowners in difficult situations all over the US for well over 20 years!

We are interested in buying your house and have the decades of knowledge, experience and integrity to find a solution that works for you.

We are not Realtors and are not interested in listing your house for sale.

We are investors and want to buy your house now.

Fill out the form to the right and allow HomeBuyersLA to make you an offer!

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